Faith Related 
Catering and Faith Based Dietary Practice by Interfaith Network UK
Faith based dietary practice is taken very seriously by many people of faith in Britain today; this is an excellent guide for all to use!

The National Association of Standing Advisory Council on Religion Education.

The Golden Rule
The Golden Rule has passages from all the world major faiths saying the same thing. Click on the link to view and download.

Hajj: Pilgrimage to Mecca
Essential Information about Fraud

Prayers for Week of Prayer
Prayers for the ‘Week of Prayer for World Peace’

Interfaith Prayers
Interfaith Prayers and Blessings for public meetings

Surrey Healthy Homes
A new cold weather guide to Surrey 2013

Care and Support Services
A comprehensive guide to care and support services in Surrey

Health and Well Being Advisor
Find out how Suzette Jones, Health and Well-bring advisor can help you.

Pictures from Churches Together
Do you need pictures for your website but don’t want to pay so much for copy right? Churches Together have put together some pictures which you can use.

Funding Central
A useful website to search for funding

Enough Food IF
An excellent initiatiave to help those in need.